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How do I request a print item (book, journal, or media) in Catalyst for pickup at a JH Library?


For those with print circulation privileges, please follow the steps below to request a print item in Catalyst for pickup at a JH Library.

  1. Use the Books, Journals and Media tab on the Welch website to search Catalyst. 
  2. The search results may include “Not Available” and “Available” items. Click on an “Available” item. 
    Catalyst search results screenshot with "available" and "not available" text highlighted
  3. Sign in with your JHED in order to see request options.
  4. Under “Get It” click on “Request from JH”.  
    Catalyst page screenshot highlighting "Request from JH" button on selected location.
  5. Under “Request from JH”, choose from the “Pickup Location” dropdown menu for your desired pickup location and click “Send Request”.  
    Catalyst page screenshot highlighting Location selection menu and "Send Request" button.

You will receive an email notification when your item is ready for pick-up at your chosen location. Your item will remain available for 10 days before being returned to the library shelves.