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How do I evaluate information/papers/websites?


Evaluate information found on websites or in papers by applying critical appraisal and considering standards when evaluating information.

In addition to identifying critical appraisal resources (listed below), Welch experts list writing standards and other information quality resources to help members of the Johns Hopkins University and Medicine Community better-evaluate the quality of information consumed.

Contact an informationist with questions and for help evaluating quality of information.



Critical Appraisal Resources

Writing Guidelines

Academic medical articles often have guidelines that inform how they are written and evaluated. These guidelines can also be used by article readers to evaluate quality. It is important to note that in additional to article types having standards, different levels of evidence also have different guidelines. Find more information on these at the Equator Network.

Here are popular article types and their respective guidelines.

Open Access Journals Focusing on Information Quality

Think, Check, Submit is a website that describes how to evaluate whether a journal is a good fit for a paper. It includes a checklist to determine if a publisher is reputable.

Directory of Open Access Journals is a directory of high-quality, open access, peer reviewed journals.

Web Resource Promoting Useful and Reliable Health Information

The HON foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that promotes useful and reliable health information. HON provides certification for websites, an option to search reliable health websites, and useful tools for patients, medical professionals and web publishers.